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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 2, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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this morning signs of possible movement in stalemate of opening the government. we inter day 12 of the shutdown. plus incoming utah senator mitt romney is out with a scathing new op-ed and. just days after taking a major step torbwards a 2020 presidential run, she's visiting iowa, the it place that kicks off the presidential process. ♪
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good morning everybody and happy new year. it's wednesday, january sexd. 2nd. president trump holding his first meeting with congressional democrats and saying he would quote take the mantle for a government shutdown. he's invited the top aids for both parties. it will be the first significant conversation he's had with democrats since the partial shutdown. this after he tweeted border security and the wall thing, in quotes, and shutdown is not where nancy pelohsy wanted to start her tenure. and it she said we will quickly pass our plan to end the irresponsible trump shutdown.
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just the first of new things to come. and as the president faces abandoning large-scale plans, aids and allies have tried to down play -- chief of staff john kelly said to be honest it's not wall. the president still says wall. often times he'll say barrier or facing, now he's towards steel plats. but we left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration. also others suggest the wall was moorly symbolic. >> let's not acweesto the ridiculous sound bite of a wall when the president's been talking about border security all along. >> the wall has become a metaphor for border security and what we're talking about is a physical barrier where it makes sense.
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>> so all this but the president made it clear over and over again during his campaign that he was not talking about the idea of a wall or any other type of border security but of an actual wall. >> i will build a great, great wall. >> this a very serious wall. >> this has to be a real wall, not toy wall. >> see the way they go over our little fences. people don't go over my wall. maybe some day they're going to call it the trump wall. we're talking about a serious wall, a trump wall. it's not a fence, it's a wall. you misreported it. >> sounds like a wall. former presidential nominee mitt romney criticizing president trump in a blistering new op-ed in the "washington post." titleds "the president shapes the character of the nation.
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trump's falls short." "it is well known that donald trump was not my choice for the republican presidential nomination after i hoped his campaign would refrain from resentment and name callingt callingtop -- it did not. presidential leadership and qualities of character is indispensable and it's in this province where the incumbent's shortfall has been most glaring. i will support policies i believe are in the best interest of the country and my state and oppose those that are not. i do not intend to comment on every tweet or fault but i will speak out against significant statements or actions that are divisive, racist, anti-immigrant, dishonest or destructive to democratic institutions.
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reaction has been swift. trump's campaign manager writing on twitter the truth is mitt romney lacked the ability to save this nation. donald trump has saved it. jealousy is a drink best served warm and romney just proved it. so sad. wish everyone had the courage donald trump had. daniel, good to see you. thanks for joining us this morning. happy new year's. i think the big question here is what was romney's angle in all of this? and his timing with regards to when he released this op-ed? >> reporter: vice president pence will have to swear him in tomorrow. so it might get a little awkward unthat room. but i think romney sees this as a moment where he can capture the public attention and at a time when a number of trump
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skeptical republican senators are leaving the senate, like bob corker and jeff flake and so he sees it it as his job to kind of protect the public and show a way for real traditional conservatism to continue to be in this country rather than just the trump republican party. >> i think criticism has been people speak out against the president when they're on their way out. so this is a turn when they have someone spooking out on their way into the job. >> reporter: and it will be interesting to see how much mitt romney keeps at it. because there have been so many republicans that have spoken out against trump and they want influence in washington and they don't want to be shut out of the republican party. and so this is a real test for romney if he can stick to it. that's what a lot of his supporters are looking for him to do.
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>> what do you make of the president with regards of the government shutdown? what do you make of the president saufing his demands with regards to the border wall funding? >> reporter: i think he sees the writing on the wall in terms of this has not been great for him and his popularity because he bran branded this the trump shutdown, now he's trying to call it the schumer shutdown but the public may not be buying that and republicans aren't trying hard to join the president in terms of the blame game. i don't think he wants this to take up his entire january. he sees the real world implications of this shutdown continuing. the smithsonian is closing its doors later today. so he wants to kind of get away from this fight and talk about something else and get some border wall money but not that
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much will result. >> woe'll see what happens tomorrow. all eye oz on that. a week 1/2 after proclaiming that isis is quote defeated in syria and ord arg complete withdrawal of troops, president trump took to twitter to clarify. the president writes this. if anybody but donald trump did what i did in syria, which was an isis-loaded mess, they would be a national hero. isis is mostly gone. year slowly sending our troops back home to be with their families. the fake news media or failed generals unable to do the job before i arrived like to complain about me and my tactics are working. the earesults are far better than i said they were going to be and the it contrary to the
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president's initial order it could occur within 30 days. and the white house confirmed that troops had already started returning to the united states. meanwhile one of the biggest critics has pulled a 1 authy. 180. senator lindsey graham had wlunch the president thursday. >> he told me things i didn't know that make me feel a lot better about where we're headed in syria. he promised to destroy isis. he's going to keep that prommess. we're not there yet. i think we're in a pause situation. year trying to figure out the best way to achieve people having morand paying more i've felt better about syria than i did before i had lunch. i think the president's taking this seriously. >> reporter: what are did you
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relay inside the white house? >> i never said i'm going to rush out. year getting out of syria and year going to do it in a good way. isis was all over the place when i took over. it it was a total mess in syria. we've almost eradicated all of them. they've done more than i said because not only did i and am i able to get out but i've won. we've really largely eradicated isis. >> we're also following a new run-in with russia. a retired u.s. marine arrested on friday on espionage charges. the man's twin brother says he was not spying and only in russia for a wedding. >> reporter: for the former marine gone missing in moscow a mystery. russia has rested paul wheelan for spying but his family says
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>> he's your tourist who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. it's inconceivable he took the actions the russians have alleged. they have asked for access to whelan. he was last seen giving a tour of the kremlin which he had visited at least once before. this seems to complicate the already fraught relationship with russia and washington. and tried to infiltrate conservative groups like the nra. asked about heir, putin insisted russia wouldn't retaliate. >> translator: we're not going to detain any innocent pop tool exchange them from anyone. >> reporter: that prearrest denial raising suspicions among russian experts.
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>> has the sound of a tit for tat to me because they're still holding him in custody. >> reporter: raising concern among his family that whelan could become a political pawn. >> the only thing i would say is let my brother go and send him on the next plane back. >> just discharged and court marm marshalled orn several charges related to larceny. with democrats taking over the house tomorrow, president trump could be facing new challenges. plus one congressional republican is pitching an idea to fund trump's border wall and it involves the president shelling out some of his own money. some of those stories and abchuck of your weather when we come back. abchuck of your weather when we come back.
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my ultimatum is put up or shut up. what do you have? there are those of us who believe you don't have anything on collusion and by the way, if you did, it's not a crime. if you don't have a darn thing on collusion the whole thing is a phoney. >> a reminder of where he is at, the president's personal attorn a, of course, seeing things as special counsel bob mueller continues to dig in. danny g to see you. happy new year. isn't it fun when with ahmed's not here. yeah, we can spread out. >> we have a democratically controlled congress tomorrow. and and the intention of the democrats it seems like is
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that's exactly what they're going to be doing. >> that's just one sliver of the things donald trump and the white house have to worry about. the ways and means committee, oversight committee. investigations for his tax returns. all of these things are related but could be directly related depending on the liabilities or connections to russia that have emerged. his tax returns could tell us more about business in russia and did that also mean doish business with the government in russia. a quid pro quo. >> what would the president be most worried about do you think? what type of investigation? >> if i put myself into the mind of president trump, going back pretty consistently he's said investigationinize
2:18 am
investigations into family a red line, into my business another red line. you can gauge humans that he's most concerned about by how he slams them on twitter. michael cohen very concerned. he's a rat, all caps tweeting. michael flynn, on the other hand, doesn't seem too concerned about flynn and his total cooperation with the government. maybe he thinks michael flynn doesn't have anything on him and maybe he thinks michael cohen has a lot on him and that's why he slams him so frequently. >> let's look ahead to what we can expect in 2019 with the mueller probe. a lot of people talk about roger stone and mueller's looking at trump organization and family as well. could there be people very much inside trump's orbit? don jr. possibly?
2:19 am
>> whatever immunity the president enjoys by virtue of being the president, his family members do not. so then you have a closely held corporation, the trump business activities which are essentially family owned and it appears everything gets routed through the owner or ceo or president of trump organization through what michael cohen has told us, that nothing got done in that business unless trump or the people close to him were involved. so these are the kinds of things that have emerged from upgter cooperators that tell it us that m maybe those close to the president have near be concerned about. >> reports that mueller probe could be wrapped up by february. >> there credible reports that could happen. and many indicators this will go
2:20 am
on much, much beyond february. very quickly that look at all the redactions, sealed documents. that means ongoing investigations. michael flynn continues sentencing to continue to cooperate. same with yates. that implies more cooperation to be done and the final piece is that the government does not speed things along if it it doesn't have to. it takes its time so the cases stay made. >> and this has been a short time if we look back historically toings haves like this one. a year and change is not that much time. >> this is the biggest one of our time. >> let's get a check on your weather now. hey, bill, happy new year. >> it's not the control room, tlirlts weather. everybody still ahead. just kidding. happy new year, bill. we'll show you pictures of snow.
2:21 am
we haven't had lot to show you. we have to go to albuquerque for that. the kids love it. the adults -- eh, not so much. we're watching freezing rain, sleet. slide nothing to areas of central texas. dallas is barely above freezing. around fort worth, watch out. we have 9 million people either under winter-storm watches or warnings or advisories. oklahoma city a very difficult fear cast over the next few days. a little bit of freezing rain and rain. the ice accumulation is nothing crazy. so oklahoma city southwards, fort worth, westwards and snowfall, maybe two or three inches around wichita falls and
2:22 am
areas around portions -- right around the red river, oklahoma and texas. a lot of heavy rain, houston, central louisiana into mississippi. the rest of the east coast nice and clear for today. still ahead everybody. all the highlights from new year's bowl games, including when mascots attack. including when mascots attack.
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lewis is off.
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time now for sports and a new year's day filled with bowl games. the 1105th rose bell. 28-3 am to the 4th. a little too much. 28-23 was the final. there's a big comeback by washington but not quite enough and this was urban meyers final game of his coaching career. in new orleans texas topped georgia. that would have been nice if you showed up better for this one. texas takes it to him 28-21 in the sugar bowl. they had no answer for qb. who ran for two touchdowns. the contest started out when an episode of mascots gone wild as texas's giant long horn steer a mascot charged through the
2:26 am
barricade through the sweat clad bull dog. there were no injuries reported to either spectators or those mascots. the action was containing to the playing field for the fiesta bowl. all my friends hoping to keep the street going. lsu wins. he threw for almost 400 yards, four touchdowns. this snapped central florida's 25-game winning streak which was the longest in the country. fun while it lasted. >> those handlers looked pretty startled when they charged that bull dog. >> little cute guy. democrats unveil their own plan to keep open the government but it doesn't include funding for a border wall. we'll tell it you what that means plus senator elizabeth
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♪ welcome back. it the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. democrats will take control of the house tomorrow and the first item on their agenda apeers to boo ending the shutdown. schumer and pelosi announce
2:31 am
plans to fund the government. their plan is to pass two sperate bills. one would temporarily open the government and the other would temporarily open homeland skurlt with no new money for a border wall. white house press secretary saying this president trump made a serious, good faith offer to democrats to open the government, address the cries at our border and protect all americans. we've heard nothing back from the democrats. the pelosi plan is a nonstarter. and the president has a new defense for those who claim it's an ineffective and out dated effect comparing it to the wheel. first on new year's eve morning, then later that night on fox news. watch this. >> translator: we have to have border security and a wall is part of border security. i hear so much about the wall is
2:32 am
old-fashioned. no, the wall is 100% full proof. the -- you look at wheel. i guess they'd say the wheel is old-fashioned but it's been around for a long time. and technology, nobody knows more about technology than but it's the bells and whistles on the wall. congressman walter jones says president trump should personally contribute to the $5 billion price tag of his wall. he said in a statement he's concerned the border wall will add to the national debt, arguing that paying for it by borrowing more money is morally irresponsible. if mx co oisn't going to pay for the wall, other funds need to be found. as a wealthy man, the president
2:33 am
might consider pledging some of his own funds as well. whatever it takes, just so long as we don't add to the debt that is bank respecting our great country. co author o"the politico playbook." let's talk about the houses democrats to-do list including the border wall and getting this government back open. what type of uphill battle are they facing? >> reporter: is they did anot expects to have to have this fight when they took over. they wanted to unveil a agenda like fighting against corrupt in washington, health care, the economy. now all the talk is about ending the shutdown. so it's resolving something from last year. so it's thrown them off message but expected it it won't last for more than a week or two and
2:34 am
then they can move the ball forward. >> what do you expect from this meeting this afternoon with house and senate leaders? >> reporter: it's a sign that e negaucheuations are starting up again. we have a story about this on politico today which is that trump really respects nancy pelosi. he views heir as a worthy adversary and a strong leader. so he never personally criticizes her and so kind of have a nice working rapport and pelosi used to go up to trump tower when trump was a democrat to solicit donations and he would oblige. that's interesting history that both of them don't talk about these days. >> what do you think president's offer and homeland until
2:35 am
february you think he has any chance of passing the senate? >> reporter: indicated they want to clear the decks and have one bill and i think they're waiting for trump to give his public yay or nay. >> maybe they'll talk about that in a meeting. i feel like they will. just days after announcing the plan for a possible presidential run, the massachusetts senator will hold events across the state this weekend, according to her facebook page. iowa holds the first in the national nominating contest set for february 3rd, 2020. 65% of likely democratic caucus goers view warren favorably. 22% are unfavorably and 60% unsure. meanwhile president trump weighed in on the possible 2020 run. >> well, i'm happy about it.
2:36 am
i think she'll be wonderful. i hope she gets the nomination i think that will be a wonderful thing for me. >> do you think she really believes she can win? >> you'd have to ask her psychiatrist. >> the "new york times" says she wants to erase doubt from people disappointed from heir not running in 2016. they write the race is currently defined by uncertainty of who is currently running and which democrat matches the moment. there it are over 30 contenders deciding whether they'll seek the nomination, including former vice president joe biden and if beto o'rourke of texas runs, he will be attempt itting to be the first ex-congressman to lose a senate race and run for president since abraham lincoln.
2:37 am
and posting videos in opposition to president trump's border wall. and the battle for north carolina's ninth congressional district is raging into the new year. democrats are refusing to seat him as the parent winner this week. house majority leader released a statement writing in part it the init t init -- integrity of our democratic congress -- and the it bord in charge of the race -- democratic governor roy cooper is looking to build an intern panel. the hear sg skjled for january 11th. he's already subpoenaed 48 witnesses including his opponent's chief of staff and
2:38 am
people who believe their absentee ballots were not properly counted in the midterm election. out going representative rob pittenger announced he would not run if there's a new gop primary in the ninth district which would open the door to other candidates. still ahead the visible impact across the country and kim jong-un calls for another summit but issue as veiled warning over the potential shutdown and demands the leader is making and bill karins with another check of the forecast. another check of the forecast. [knocking]
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♪ ♪ memories. what we deliver by delivering.
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2:42 am
another meeting with president trump. however that was coupled with a not-so-veiled threat that if the u.s. does not quote keep its promise and insists on sanctions and pressures, north korea will quote consid arnew path to safeguard our sovereignty and interest. and called on the united states to denuclearize a recent statement that it will only denuclearize if the u.s. does as well and an end to all south korea/u.s. joint military drills. and president trump sawriting h is looking fearward to a second summit while adding that kim realizes so well that north korea possesses great economic potential. a check on your weather with msnbc meteorologist bill karins who also has putensh ittal.
2:43 am
>> potential. this it wintwinte winter's not of potential. we had that huge snow in november and it hasn't snowed since. if i want to talk about the flood threat, a minor inconvenience with slippery roads. but this heavy rain is wunls again going to plague us from galveston to houston. this area was drenched at the end of 2018. a lot of these rivers are over their banks and in flood stages. now we're going to add another puten potential rain event. two inches, and a area of four inches. so we'll watch this developing today. the best chance will be later on
2:44 am
tonight for flash flooding. then another round thursday and eventually all this rain will go through the southeast. sn no snow, no ice. it's too warm. and that's one of the top five wettest 2018 we just min mngzed. this is 5:00 p.m. so driving home in the rain in dallas to waco, houston. baton rouge just showers for you and then central mississippi and areas of georgia it's more tonight into tomorrow and here comes round two thursday through the heart of texas. a little bit of snow on the back side but primarily it's rain problem. travels on the east coast, we look good today. and the next chance of rain in the northeast will be friday into saturday. saturday could be rainy as everyone begins to clean up from our holidays. i think this weekend will be a
2:45 am
big pack everything up and put in the attic weekend. >> sad times. as the federal government shutdown continues, we're seeing a real impact of lack of services across the country. that means at many national parks and many national wonders being littered with trash. >> reporter: at joshua tree national park, the desert views now compete with a nasty reality. >> cigar wrappers, tin foil. i mean i could sit here for about three hours and clean this up. >> reporter: a disabled vet volunteered up to six hours a day pulling ranger duty trying to save place that saved him. >> i came out here and started climbing and it opened my mind to what i can do in life. >> reporter: in the capitol
2:46 am
washington monument views now come with this and in texas trash keep's bear-proof cans from closing. >> we're optimistic we'll get notees to come back to work soon. until then, yeah. >> reporter: in houston only zion national park will stay open. new york's andrew cuomo tweeting he'll keep these parks open for the statue of liberty and ellis island. and the grand canyon will not close, pledging $14,000 a week to keep it open. officials blaming vandalism and health hazards. but that's not stopping abbott. >> thank you very much. u.s. markets appear ready to keep 2018's volatility going am to 2019. details on what's weighing on investors this morning.
2:47 am
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welcome back. stocks around the world are starting 2019 off where they left 2018 facing much more volatility. stocks in asia posted their worst start to the year since 2016 on bad manufacturing data out of china. joining us live from london. happy new year to you, julianna.
2:50 am
why is the data from beijing effecting investors this morning? >> it's spooking investors because the chinese economy is so big, so important to the rest of the world that they watch skra very closely what goes on there. very closely what goes on there. trade spat is affecting the economy, but also the domestic chinese economy and the health of that portion of the country. and the data out overnight has raised concernsig on these two different fronts. so together, with what the market is already concerned about, fed policy, european economic slowdown, this is just weighing on the outlook for 2019 and we are seeing losses here in europe and, as you said, quite a weak start to the asia session, as well. >> yeah. i think people are really wondering whether or not this market is going to level out
2:51 am
eventually. juliana, let's talk about this new report that a number of large banks are cutting back or altering some of the rewards they offer their credit card customers. what kind of c changes are they actually making? >> so they're stopping short of canceling their rewards programs, but they are responding to increased pressure over the last several years on the revenueve front. so there consumers who use cred cards have become savvier and that means it has become more costly for financial institutions to offer the rewards programs that have lured in so many credit card users. so part of the changes they're making are aimed at boosting credit card usage and reducing up front rewards bonuses. so stopping short of canceling a lot of these programs that many of us have come to love about using credit cards over the years, but they are reigning in on the benefits that consumers will derive from using these credite cards. >> juliana, thank you. coming up, axo's jim vandy
2:52 am
hi hei has a look at this morning's one big thing. a preview of today's white house meeting as the president continues to dig in over his demands for border wall funding. democratic congressman tim ryan of ohio will weigh in on the president's bid to ramp up pressure on his party to reach a deal to fund the government. and whether the president will get his border money. "morning joe" just moments away. y "morning joe" just moments away.
2:53 am
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2:55 am
welcome back. joining us from washington with a look at axo a.m., co-founder and ceo of axo, jim vandehei. >> happy new year to you. >> what is axios' one big thing today? >> whether or not washington protects your data. and our technology reporter looked at all the data, all the information that facebook knows about you. viewers should go and take a
2:56 am
look at the piece because i think they'll be spooked about how much they do know. they know everything prosecute where you're going, who your friends are, what's your location at any given moment, purchases you're making not just on facebook, but purchases you're making off facebook where there's a deal with a third party that sits in between the two companies. they even extract a lot about you and i through the photos that you put on. so one of the you can say cool things, but creepy things that our reporter did and found was she created a make believe person with my photo and threw it up there on to facebook. within a couple of hours, i got an e-mail from a friend saying that it popped up in their window saying a person you might know was me with this make believe name, meaning they're able to look at that person's photos, my photos and make that connection. so these companies know a lot and that's why washington is getting more and more interested in protecting the data and the privacy of the individual consumer. >> is there anything that facebook does not know about us? >> there is not that much. obviously, there's protections
2:57 am
you can do depending what you do with your settings within facebook and all of us should be a lot more aware of on our ability to utilize those settings. but, no, they know a lot more about us than many of our spouses or friends know about us because they know the transactions that you're making, the locations that you're visiting, your activity online, which is why when you go on these services, the ads that you see reflect the behavior that you've had in the last 24 hours. so if you're looking for a fishing pole or talking to someone about a fishing pole, look, here is an ad for a new fishing pole. and for a long time, i think consumers thought it was cool and now consistently people are seeing it as creepy and might be cause for new data protection for consumers, which i think you're going to see congress start to take up. >> but do you think congress has the ability to come up with data protections that actually work considering the generational
2:58 am
divides in washington? >> there's no doubt, you're right. i think most members of congress, especially at those hearings, seem clueless about these technologies. i think the pressure comes from the ground up where people start to get more and more concerned that these companies know so much but say and that that information is stored and then can be accessed by other people, sometimes, obviously, for nefarious purposes. so if washington is going to act, it's going to be because it's a big political issue on both sides. what we're seeing with the democratic and republican bases, this is becoming a bigger topic. i don't think you're going to see kwocomprehensive legislation the next year, but you'll see action largely focused on a lot of these big tech companies like google, amazon and facebook. because they're becoming constant stories. >> obviously, all eyes are on this government shutdown.
2:59 am
what is going to happen tomorrow and at this meeting with the white house today. what are you learning with regards to the democrats' plans going forward to get the government back open? >> nancy pelosi has been clear that she wants to have a vote right away to fund the vast majority of the government for at least a year, maybe take homeland security and punt on that for about a month. it would seem the obvious solution would be a deal. >> you at home can sign up for the newsletter. that does it for me on this wednesday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian. morning morning starts right
3:00 am
now. we have to have border security and a wall is part of border security. you know, i hear so much about the wall is old fashioned. no, the wall is not old fashioned. the wall is 100% foolproof. you look at a wheel. well, i guess they would say a wheel is old fashioned, but it's been around for a long time. and technology, nobody knows more about technology than me, but technology are just the bells and whistles on the wall. if you don't have the wall, you're going to have people coming in. >> oh, so much for lindsey graham calling the wall a metaphor. president trump is now asking nancy pelosi to cut a deal. three weeks after proudly claiming he would take full responsibility for a government shutdown. meanwhile, we may soon see a presidential tweet about mitt romney after the incoming senator absolutely blasted the president while pledging to speak out against racist,


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